App Concept: VoteForTheFeature

App Concept: VoteForTheFeature

Help make your favorite products even better by telling companies what you really want. Describe features that would make your life easier and let others vote them to the top. 

Name: VoteForTheFeature
Concept Type: Web Application
In one sentence: Tell the world what you want: request and vote on new features for software and physical products.
Is it open source: Sure.


Any user can create (Add/define) a new product and/or feature for a product. The product can be specific (“IntelliJ by JetBrains”) or based on category (“Microwave”).  E.g. “IntelliJ by JetBrains: Add full touchpad support in OSX.” versus “Microwave: Physical dial for time and power settings, instead of buttons. Like in the 70s, dammit!”. Users can vote on, comment on, favorite and ‘share’ features.
Category based product feature requests should be considered a way to let manufacturers know that there is popular demand for ‘x’. Could also allow for crowdsourcing the search for products with a particular feature, by allowing users to “Add an Implementation” to a defined Feature request.


  • Registration/Sign in.
  • Create new Feature Request
  • Search for existing Feature Requests
  • Browse Feature Requests with non-crappy filtering. By Company, Product, Tags
  • Up-vote a FR.
  • Comment on a FR 

Potential Future Enhancements

  • Social integration.
  • Vote weights.
    • Limit to two or three options that amount to “I’d probably use this” and “TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE IT NOW!”
      • For product category based features the options would be more like “I’d pay a few dollars more for this feature” and “I won’t buy one of these unless it has this feature”.
  • Mark as duplicate / vote to merge.
    • Similar to StackOverflow’s system of closing as duplicate, merge would hide the duplicate somewhere in the history of the original (or perhaps the more complete version would be kept).
  • Mark as implemented / vote to accept as having met the request. E.g. when IntelliJ adds full touchpad support, a user (or JetBrains employee) could mark the feature as having been implemented, when, and in what version.
  • Allow users to indicate alternative products that implement a FR.
  • Allow users to indicate that the feature has been implemented. (Should this be a moderated field? Hmmm.)
  • “Notify Me When”:
    • Feature is marked as implemented.
    • Another company indicates their product implements feature.
  • Mobile app implementations.

Monetization Potential


  • Serve ads on site, of course.
  • Affiliate links to products (e.g.
  • Company can create certified account.
    • “own” features related to their products.
      • Ownership doesn’t grant edit rights, more like prominent comments
    • Company branding on feature, link to company, etc.
    • Remove ads from pages relating to their products.
    • Create and curate a more detailed Company / Product profile
    • Claim to implement a feature requested for a similar product
      • Regular users should be able to opt in to receiving notifications of these.
    • Third party integration. E.g. send new feature requests to Jira. Or at least export as spreadsheet ;~)
    • Request feedback (but don’t turn into
      • perhaps by adding a Poll to a Feature that new (and returning) visitors to the feature will see.
      • via prominent comments.
    • Create a “Vote off” between two or more features.
    • Analytics reports.

Super pipe-dream / Random Thoughts

“Buyer-driven Kickstarter” for Feature. 
Provider a way for users to prove how much they want a feature.
Most useful for open source projects and small applications, like mobile game/app created by a single developer or very small teams.
  • Crazy hard to figure out who to pay sometimes.
    • Perhaps only enable the option for “certified companies”. E.g. small studios would love this option if the site became popular.
      • Extending the above, could offer open source projects a way to to promise some percentage of any reward to a developer who implements the feature.
  • Acceptance criteria would be a bitch as well.
    • VoteForTheFeature would ultimately have to become the arbiter of done-ness. Perhaps not in all cases, but in cases of dispute for certain.
    • Open source projects would have to accept the feature into the codebase.
Buying Feedback
Consider a company that wants to hold a vote off between two features in order to decide which to implement next. Users (at least those with accounts) could specify a price at which they’d be willing to respond to feedback requests. As the amount would likely be small perhaps the user specifies an amount and picks a cause to which the sum will be donated. When a company wants to hold a vote-off between two features they can specify the amount they would be willing to pay per response and an overall cap. Users who have already voted on the features will be notified of the request for feedback.
Probably two broad categories of buying feedback: Vote-off and Questionnaire. User could specify their price for both, or even more granular. Consider the follow as a settings page:
  • How much will you charge to respond to a vote-off? ____
  • Questionnaires:
    • how much will you charge per multiple choice / short answer question? _____
    • and per long answer?   _____  [ creator of questionnaire would have to specify a minimum acceptable answer length…. ]
  • Will you consider vote-off requests from open source and non-profit products for free?  Y/N
Physical Infrastructure
Instead of voting for a product feature, vote on building something.
Company becomes location, product becomes… something else – category? – and feature is still basically a feature. E.g. “Portland, Oregon”, “Street Lights”, “Dim the streetlights after 10pm in residential neighborhoods.”
Could also be used for fundraisers. E.g. for a skate park.
Would be vastly improved by regional searching and real location info. Would require payments implementation. 


Source Control: Github
Builds: Bash, Grunt, TeamCity
Backend: FireBase
Frontend: AngularJS, Bootstrap


  • This write-up
  • Purchased domain name.


  • Under consideration