App Concept: LegendScore

App Concept: LegendScore

Build your legend. Raise your score.
Define your Legend by selecting from available Achievements or by creating new ones. Share Achievements you create with everyone, so that they can add them to their Legends as well. Compare your LegendScore with others whose Legend shares Achievements with your own.
Name: LegendScore
Concept Type: Web Application
In one sentence: Build your legend. Raise your score.
Is it open source: Of course.


Something like  “Achievements” in World of Warcraft, but for the real world.
A Legend is a collection of Achievements. An Achievement is a collection of Goals and possibly other Achievements. Some Achievements are sequential – consider earning 10 points on every birthday without having to create a new achievement for each year.
Some examples:
  • Happy (n)th Birthday! [25 points]
    • Goals:  Another trip ’round the sun (Repeatable, yearly)
  • Make it to 18 alive! [50 points]
    • Achievements: Happy (n)th Birthday, #s 1 through 18.
  • Got your Diploma! [100 points ]
    • Goals: Escape from Primary school
  • Get your first bachelors degree [100 points ]
    • Goals: My First Degree
  • Get your second bachelors degree [100 points ]
    • Achievements: Get your first bachelors degree
    • Goals:  Overachiever
  • Get your nth bachelors degree [100 points ]
    • Achievements: Get your second bachelors degree
    • Goals:  Masochist (Repeatable)
  • Get to your ideal weight and body composition [100 points]
    • Goals:  Iron will
  • Maintain your ideal weight and body composition for (n) months [10 points]
    • Goals:  Homeostasis (repeatable, monthly)


Sequential Achievements cannot be received twice, but must also actually be achieved sequentially; so, maintaining your ideal weight for 4 months followed by a year of, let us say ‘not ideal weight’, followed by a month of ideal weight grants no Achievement points. Another four months at the ideal weight would grant the “Maintain your ideal weight and body composition for 5 months’. 


  • Registration/Sign in.
  • Create Goals, Achievements and Legends. Might be able to call it a MVP w/out repeatable Goals / sequential Achievements, but that’s some weak sauce.
  • Compare scores.
  • Alerts (in app) on Goal completion and Achievement completion.
  • At least one pre-defined Legend. Two or three would be better: Education focus, Health and Wellness focus… Environmental impact focus?
    • Which implies a fairly robust set of Achievements
  • Binary privacy for Scores (subscribed goals and achievements). E.g. it’s either world visible or only visible by you.
    • HUGE warnings about “Beta product! Accidents happen!”

Potential Future Enhancements

  • Social integration.
  • Sharing levels for “Scores”
  • Publish an API for (at least) updating Goal progress
  • Leverage API to create integrations with other services
    • Fitbit, Withings Scales, whatever
  • Real mobile App.

Monetization Potential


  • Serve ads on site, of course.
  • Product tie-ins (I see you’re tracking your weight manually… Enjoy this discount on a Withings Scale! Ok, so glorified ads)
  • Beg on a street corner

Super pipe-dream / Random Thoughts

Short of insane user adoption this would be fun but not incredibly profitable. As a side project it could probably make enough to pay for servers, kickbacks to a few of the more active contributors on Github, and a few bucks left over for beer.


Source Control: Github
Builds: Bash, Grunt, TeamCity
Backend: FireBase
Frontend: AngularJS, Bootstrap


  • This write-up
  • Purchased domain name.


  • Under consideration